Around our tables sit the four races who battle evil for middle earth:


The elves understand that not everything is as it appears. They will speak up, confident that their opinion counts. They take tradition and ritual and study it; they find magic in everything. They ares the ones who can find the secrets in the empty spaces between the letters of sacred text. They claim a place for themselves even if the other races do not make room for them. Some call them wise. We call them creative and assertive. We welcome creativity and assertiveness to sit with us at our table and inspire us to act.

Men (humans)

Humans are the race who challenge the way things are. They ask too many questions. They are not content to wait and see; they challenge the status quo. Some call them rebellious. We call them daring and courageous. We welcome rebellion to sit with us at our tables and make us uneasy.


The Hobbits accept what they are given without asking for more. They trust easily and believe what they are told. They prefer waiting and watching over seeking and acting. They believe that life is essentially good and everything will work out in the end so they will follow in the footsteps of others. Some call them simple and naive. We call them the one whose eyes are yet to be opened. We welcome the Hobbits to sit with us at our table and appreciate what will is still to come.


Last are the dwarves who do not know how to question. They hold to the way things have always been.  Some call them proud and stubborn. We call them loyal friends. We welcome them to sit at our table.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children
Source: Comrie, Sarah