We are gathered around this seder table as b'nei khorin, free people who still remember the long years of oppression. We have vowed never to become oppressors ourselves. Yet, we know how easy it is to harden our hearts to those who have paid an excessive price for our people's prosperity and security. Tonight we leave a place at our table for those who remain victims of oppression.

Take a moment now to think about a cause you care about and dedicate the seder to it. Introduce yourself to the people sitting on either side of you. Feel free to share the cause with the people next to you if you so choose.

This year we dedicate our seders to all of us, to our insistence on intersectionality. May you find moments in this seder to exhale, to lean your head on the shoulder of a friend, to feel yourself arriving on the shores of liberation. And may you find moments to carry one another across, your pain and your losses, your visions and your victories, because this time it’s all of us or none.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Rabbis for Human Rights