We are gathered here tonight to affirm our continuity with the generations of Jews who kept alive the vision of freedom in the Passover story. We not only remember the Exodus, but actually relive it, bringing its transformative power into our own lives.

The Jewish people, according to the Torah, left Egypt with “a mixed multitude.” We began as a multicultural mélange of people attracted to a vision of social transformation. What makes someone Jewish is not a biological fact, but a willingness to proclaim the message of the ancient enslaved people we remember today: The world can be changed, we can be healed.

Group: As we look toward our future and working to heal the world, we say:

Baruch amal kapainu.  Blessed is the work of our hands.

Baruch chazon sheh-b'chol echod.  Blessed is the vision of our minds.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Adapted from Kahal B’raira Congregation for Humanistic Judaism's "Humanistic Blessings"