Tikkun Olam

We are gathered here tonight to affirm our continuity with the generations of Jews who kept alive the vision of freedom in the Passover story. We not only remember the Exodus, but actually relive it through our representations at the Passover Seder, bringing its transformative power into our own lives.

The Jewish people, according to the Torah, left Egypt with “a mixed multitude” -- a multicultural mélange of people attracted to a vision of social transformation. Tonight, in every corner of the globe, we gather around tables with people of all races and religions who are willing to proclaim the message of those ancient enslaved people: The pain or abuse of just one person has a ripple effect for others. The way we treat people affects us all. Let us work together with love and respect for one another to create harmony and peace for ourselves.

Everyone: As we strive to create a better future and more peaceful world in which to live, we say:

Leader: Baruch amal kapainu.

Everyone: Blessed is the work of our hands.

Leader: Baruch chazon sheh-b'chol echod.

Everyone: Blessed is the vision of our minds.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Image from NewVoices.org. Adapted from Dinah Winnick