The Simple Child

The simple child asks, "What is this?" To this child, we are told to answer plainly: “This is the story of the ancient Jewish people's journey to freedom.” The simple child doesn't know where to start. We've all been there! Mental health is a topic we often shroud in shame and one we don't learn about.

No one should feel ashamed to ask basic questions.The simple child teaches us to meet people where they are at emotionally. When someone doesn't understand something, we don't use words that make sense to us; instead, we are asked to use the language they already have.

The simple child teaches us empathy.

We all think and react differently, and when communicating with someone, you need to really see them, validate their understanding of the world, and seek connection. We don't try to change the simple child. We don't tell them their question is silly, childish or naive. We don't give them a vocabulary lesson. We learn to make space for them by putting ourselves in their shoes.

And in doing so, we learn how to see other people's perspectives and how to value others for who they are.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children