The Second Cup

Weinstein, Elana. 2021. Kos G’ulah. [Mixed Media] 

Artist Statement: Her piece is a mixed media piece (Prismacolor colored pencils and pastels) and she did it within a span of a few hours while watching the “Prince of Egypt.” The theme of this piece focuses on the “2nd cup of wine” known as Kos G’ulah (redemption/deliverance). Elana enjoyed working on this and sharing her interpretation of when our ancestors came out of Egypt. Big focus on water as freedom from crossing the Red Sea and fire as symbol of power and also the burning bush Moses encountered before he was told by the divine to help his people become free from slavery.

Artist Bio: Elana Weinstein resides in the Metropolitan Detroit area and just returned to where she grew up after spending several years “wandering and exploring” Chicago and most recently, Colorado. She received her MSW from The University of Michigan with a focus on Community Organizations and Social Systems. Since Elana was young, she has expressed her creativity through drawing. Originally, Elana was an art education major and then found her true calling in social work. Elana has always felt a large tug to tie her passions of community, judaism, social justice and art and was thrilled of the opportunity to contribute to this Haggadot. Currently, Elana is a cohort participant in the Jewish Ethics and Social Justice Certificate Program at JTS on “Zoom.”

Over the years, Elana has dabbled in her craft and believes that this year is time to deepen her relationship with art. She tends to wrestle with it just like her relationship to Judaism. Elana is inspired to work on combining her art background more with her career in the Jewish communal/social work world. If you want to get in touch with Elana, you can find her on her IG: tikkunelana also check out her blog: 

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu