The Four Children Interacting

There are many imaginings of who the Four Children are as individuals, from their characteristics ("the wicked child is just misunderstood"/ "the wise child is a 'know-it-all'" etc) to which pop or political figures they represent (we'll let you decide...)

But one of the things we haven't seen — and which only occurred to us in our search for GIFs and preparation of this Haggadah — is the responsibility of the children to each other. While some sibling relationships are fraught with tension or conflict, there are opportunities within a chosen or formalized family for family members who disagree to interact and learn from each other.

Per the previous example, positioning Leia as the wise child and Rey as the one who doesn't ask, the fact that Rey finds in Leia a mentor, someone who can inspire her and give her the history she needs to understand the world and her place in it, is moving and inspiring to us who experience the original movie text, and this Haggadah reframing. Which of the children are we, in our family gatherings and friend groups? Who can we teach? Who can we learn frrom? Who can we embrace in the pursuit of knowledge, meaning and love?

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