Tonight, we are reflecting on some of the ways in which Asian Jews have come to be. We ask questions on their behalf and look for loving answers.

The Asian Jewish Adoptee:
The Asian Jewish adoptee has a lot of questions, some of which they know how to ask–and some they don’t. Who am I? Am I Jewish enough? Here are some possible answers. This child is a complex identity constantly unfolding; they may not have all the information they need, but they get to search for themselves, write their own story. As for whether they are “Jewish enough”?That, too, is a tale they get to tell, yet it starts from a foundation that affirms, yes, they are Jewish enough.

The Mixed Race or Interfaith Asian Jew:
In a society that often inserts their own opinions on who this child is “really like” or “actually is”, this child looks at them, and proclaims, “why do I have to choose?” This child knows that there is a struggle, yes - but more so beauty in having a foot in more than one door, of being “many” instead of “one”. 

The Patrilineal Asian Jew:
This child may struggle with spaces that do not recognize the wholeness and completeness of their Jewish self. Still, this child persists in acknowledging both their intrinsic wholeness and holiness as a Jewish person.

The Asian Jew-by-Choice: 
This child has come home to Judaism after a long period of learning and introspection. During this time, they may have wondered, “Where has this religion, and these people, been all my life?” or perhaps worried about whether they were truly ready to join. Perhaps they traveled alone, or with a partner. In any case, when the questions are turned toward them, saying, “How are you Jewish?” their answer will always be, “Because I am.”

To all of these children, we say “welcome.” We see you, and you belong.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children
Source: LUNAR Haggadah 2022