There's an elephant in the room, he'd like some attention and frankly, he should get it. This elephant has been around as long as the Jewish people, but he is getting bolder and meaner. That elephant, of course, is antisemitism. There's the familiar white supremacy movement that pretty much hates everyone who doesn't look like them, the run-of-the-mill antisemites, and a relatively new form of hate directed at Israel which crosses the line to antisemitism too often.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the elephant, but don't let him plunder the table. If we do, we'll never get to the Four Questions, and besides, the matzoh ball soup will get cold. So let's just say this for now. Hate is hate. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists...literally, everyone is worse off for it. So what do we do? Pledge to fight antisemitism. Call it out. Talk about it. Learn about it. But don't you dare accept it. It's a toxic poison that has been following Jews for as long as we have been around. We will make it through this dangerous time as we have before, with bravery, wisdom, pride, and most of all, love.

True hate is never little, it is never unimportant, and it should never, ever be ignored.

haggadah Section: Introduction