Prompt: Will you tell me the story of Passover in a series of passive-aggressive post-it notes?

Chat GPT: Sure thing, here goes.

Note 1: "Hey, just a friendly reminder that Passover is coming up. You know, that holiday where we celebrate the Jewish people's freedom from slavery in Egypt? It's a pretty big deal."

Note 2: "Oh, by the way, did you remember to buy the matzah yet? You know, the unleavened bread that we eat during Passover? No big deal if you forgot, I'm sure we can just eat bread crumbs instead."

Note 3: "Thanks for nothing. You didn't buy the matzah, and now we're stuck with nothing to eat during the Passover Seder. Way to go."

Note 4: "Oh, look, it's the Pharaoh! Just kidding, it's just our boss being a tyrant and making us work late again. Just like the Pharaoh enslaved the Jewish people, our boss enslaves us with endless work."

Note 5: "Finally, it's time for the Passover Seder. Let's read the Haggadah and remind ourselves of the Jewish people's suffering and redemption. Oh, and by the way, your matzah is burnt. Nice one."

Note 6: "Well, the Seder is over, and we survived another year. But, I'm not sure I can handle eating matzah for another week. Can we please just have some bread already?"

Note 7: "Wait, why are we still eating matzah? Oh right, it's because we're still celebrating Passover. I forgot, thanks for reminding me. Not that I could ever forget with all this matzah around."

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story