Ten Plagues

Our rejoicing at the liberation of our ancestors from bondage should be tempered by the memory, not only of their own suffering, but also of that of their oppressors. As we tell the story of the Ten Plagues, each one of them diminishes our cup of joy. 

As we recite the name of each plague together please dip your pinky finger into your wine and place one drop of wine onto your plate in recognition that the process of our liberation caused suffering to the Egyptian people.

Dam (Blood)

Tzfardeyah (Frogs)

Kinim (Lice)

Arov (Wild Beasts)

Dever (Blight)

Sh'hin (Boils)

Barad (Hail)

Arbeh (Locusts)

Hosheh (Darkness)

Makat B'horot (Slaying of the First Born)

haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story