As we rejoice at our deliverance from slavery, we acknowledge that our freedom was hard-earned. We regret that our freedom came at the cost of the Egyptians’ suffering, for we are all human beings. We pour out a drop of wine for each of the plagues as we recite them to signify having a little less sweetness in our celebration. Dip a finger into your wine glass for a drop for each plague.

These are the ten plagues we say out loud together: 

BLOOD / dam / דָּ ם
FROGS / tzfardeiya / צְ פַ רְ דֵּ ֽ ע
LICE / kinim / כִּ נִּים
BEASTS / arov / עָ רוֹב
CATTLE DISEASE / dever / דֶּ ֽ בֶ ר 
BOILS / sh’chin / שְׁ חִ ין
HAIL / barad / בָּ רָ ד
LOCUSTS / arbeh / אַ רְ בֶּ ה
DARKNESS / choshech / חֹֽ שֶׁ ךְ
DEATH OF THE FIRSTBORN / makat b’chorot / כוֹרוֹתְ בּ תַ כַּ מ

Even though we are happy that the Jews escaped slavery, there are many modern plagues.

What are the names of modern plagues? (Please say out loud) Let's take a drop of wine as our community shares the names of these modern plagues. 

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues