As we rejoice at our deliverance from slavery, we acknowledge that our freedom was hard-earned. We
regret that our freedom came at the cost of the Egyptians’ suffering, for we are all human beings made in
the image of God. We pour out a drop of wine for each of the plagues as we recite them.
Dip a finger or a spoon into your wine glass for a drop for each plague.

These are the ten plagues which God brought down on the Egyptians:

Blood | dam | דָםּ
Frogs | tzfardeiya | צְפַרְדֵֽעַּ
Lice | kinim | כנִּיִּם
Beasts | arov | עָרוֹב
Cattle disease | dever | דֶֽבֶּר
Boils | sh’chin | שְׁחִין
Hail | barad | בָרָּד
Locusts | arbeh | אַרְבֶהּ
Darkness | choshech | חֹֽשֶׁך
Death of the Firstborn | makat b’chorot | מַכתַּ בְכּוֹרוֹת

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues