The Ten Plagues
(sung to the tune of the "Adam's Family" theme song)

They're creepy and they're yucky
They're altogether ucky
They're so completley mucky
We're talking 'bout the Plagues.

The Nile turned to blood
Which was far worse than mud
Then frogs and lice and crud
The start of the Ten Plagues.

Next beasts, blight, and boils
On commoners and royals
Then hail and locusts spoiled
The country. It was wrecked.

Then Egypt drowned in darkness
The country was a big mess
All chaos, as you can guess
Pharaoh could not protect.

The last plague was the worst
The first-born sons were cursed
Their parent's hearts were burst
And Pharaoh let us go.

Each year we tell the story
Although this part is gory
It still speaks of God's glory
Remember the Ten Plagues.

Our cups are filled with wine
The joy with which we dine
Our joy is far less fine
When we remember the Ten Plagues.

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues