Sam Solomon 3-12-15

The Symbols of Passover The bone that represents the sacrifice, it is weird to me that we sacrifice a lamb, how can we sacrifice such a sweet and innocent animal?

A hard boiled egg? A hard boiled egg? how can something so small represent a holiday so big?

We eat bitter herbs to remind us of our ancestors work as slaves, but why do we eat food that many love? I love the bitter herbs, the horseradish, hmm!

The haroset! the haroset represents the mortar and brick made by the jews during the Jewish exodus from Egypt, I don’t completely understand how this symbolizes mortar and brick, I think it is an excuse to drink wine, and eat good snacks!

 Vegetables, they're boring and plain, and as a kid you’re forced to eat them, the Jews were forced to back breaking work, which was boring and plain.

haggadah Section: Shulchan Oreich