Storytelling Activities 

-Tell the story through a giant game of Jeopardy!

-Have the kids get together to put on a puppet show about Moses and the escape from Egypt. While they are putting it together, the adults can have a deeper discussion of the meaning of freedom. 

-Have volunteers role-play Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Moses mother Yochevet, and Pharaoh, and have the rest of the table interview them and ask them about their experiences. 

-Ask everyone to share a special seder memory. Find examples of great seders in history.

-Don’t taste your finger after dipping it in the wine! The suffering of any people, even enemies, should never taste sweet to us

-Make a family tree of the Biblical characters to help with the telling of the story, from Abraham to Moses

-Make a family tree of your own family, as far back as you can go!

-Invite people to recount a story when they felt or witnessed discrimination or bullying. What did you do? What did you wish you did?

-Have the adults put on a puppet show for the kids!

-Tell the story of the Exodus in a dramatic manner, and have the children mime or interpretive dance the events as you tell them.

-Play a memory game. Go around the table asking everyone to fill in the black, “When I left Egypt, I took with me my most treasured possession……” The participants in turn must repeat the objects mentioned and add their own!

-Make many different kinds of charoset and have a taste and compare. Use the charoset to paste together the sugar cube pyramids.

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning
Source: Rabbi Zoë Klein, Temple Isaiah