The Steps of the Passover Seder

All of the Biblical holidays begin with Passover. On the first day of the month of Nisan, two weeks before the Exodus, God showed Moses the "new moon" and commenced the divine calendar (Exod 12:2) At the stroke of midnight on Nisan 15 God sent the last of the plaques on the Egyptians, killing all their firstborns, and freeing or redeeming the Israelites. Because of this, traditionally, there are 15 separate and distinct parts to the Passover seder:

  1. Nerot Lighting the candles
  2. Kadesh Sanctifying the wine (1st Cup)
  3. Urchatz Washing the hands
  4. Karpas Dipping the Karpas
  5. Yachatz Breaking the Matzah
  6. Maggid Telling the story (2nd Cup)
  7. Rachtzah Washing the hands
  8. Motzi Matzah Eating Matzah
  9. Maror Eating bitter herbs
  10. Korekh Eating the Hillel sandwich
  11. Shulchan Orekh Eating the meal
  12. Tzafun Eating the Afikoman (Hidden Matzah)
  13. Barekh Blessing after the meal (3rd Cup)
  14. Hallel Songs of Praise (4th Cup)
  15. Nirtzah Conclusion of the Seder and communion

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