In the four children section of a typical haggadah there is a story about how parents pass on their values to four different children. But if we want to really help future generations of kids, we need more than good storytelling. State governments can make a difference for kids today -- if they get enough calls and think their reelection depends on it. Find your state senator, your assemblymember and/or your governor's phone number and leave them a voicemail. Remember, always include your zip code and full name. You can also do some research to make these more specific to your state.

If there are children at your seder, ask for their input! What issues do they care most about?

1. I'm calling to ask that the governor support the efforts of cities and towns across the state to provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants so that children are not separated from their families.

2. I'm calling to ask that the governor stand up for children by fully funding public schools throughout the state, regulating the expansion of charter schools, and rejecting any efforts by the federal government to eliminate Title 1 funding or introduce a federally-funded school voucher program.

3. I'm calling because I am very concerned about effects of climate change on our state. I ask that the governor support any efforts to expand renewable energy production in the state and limit the use of fossil fuels.

4. I'm calling to ask the governor to support any efforts to ensure that all children have access to free, high quality healthcare.

haggadah Section: -- Four Children