A Spoon of Charoses

to the tune of “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins

At every seder every year,
There is an element of fear

When I must eat a bitter herb.

And in the moment that I dread,

The heat goes to my head,

I cough! I sneeze!
I whimper and I wheeze! But...


A spoon of charoses helps the bitter herb go down, The bitter herb go down, bitter herb go down,

Yes, a spoon of charoses helps the bitter herb go down
In the most delightful way.

So you should keep it in your mind,
If there’s a moment when you find

There’s something dreadful you must do.

It will be better if you add
A thing that’s not so bad,
A song! A sweet!
A favorite toy or treat!

(Repeat chorus)

©2008 Barbara Sarshik 

haggadah Section: Maror
Source: http://www.templerodefshalom.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/2013-SederSongs1.pdf