The Simple Child

Is this child really simple?

Sometimes, children understand more than they are able to convey. Individuals with auditory processing difficulties or other learning disabilities, speech/language delays, anxiety and more may be perceived as "simple" when, in fact, it is the adults in their lives that are too "simple" or one-dimensional in their quest for "information output". 

Everyone learns differently. One person could be a visual learner, while another may prefer hearing information or talking it through. Still others need to learn by moving and feeling. How do you learn best? How might you discover what the "simple" child knows if you think about how he/she learns best?

How does Passover take into account all different types of learners? When do you feel most engaged in the rituals of the Seder? Do all of the people at your Seder feel the same way? What does this tell us about individual learning styles?

haggadah Section: -- Four Children
Source: Matan