At this point in the Seder, traditional Jews would open the door and literally shout angry words at their enemies: " Sh'foch ha-Matcha... May God pour out His wrath on them!" It was directed toward those who had persecuted them and had accused the Jewish community of a blood libel -- of making matzoh with the blood of Christian children. Opening the door at this juncture gave the Jewish family the excuse to open the door to show that there was nothing sinister happening at the Seder.

Tonight we are beyond this, for we sit together, Jew and extended family. We sit around one table with an open door and an outstretched hand. We welcome those who journey from other faiths -- or no faith at all -- to sit in peace and acceptance.

Tonight, we take all the pain from our journey, all the pain that men, women and children -- whether they be a Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Humanist or Atheist -- has endured throughout the ages, and bring it into a healing place of love, respect and forgiveness. With forgiveness for what is past, we move forward in the spirit and energy of creating positive change in our future. Let us acknowledge our grief, mourn for what has been, release the past, and move powerfully forward from a place of love for our families, our communities, our planet, and all humanity.

haggadah Section: Hallel