We are here to celebrate, once again, the very first festival the Jewish People ever observed. The first Pesach took place in Egypt thousands of years ago. Many Jews consider Pesach the most beautiful of all our holiday; and love it in a special way, and have wonderful Pesach memories. 

When we think of Pesach, we think of the warmth and joy of the Seder. The Seder brings together families and friends who eat and drink together, sing and pray together, and recite together the old (yet always new) story of the Exodus from Egyptian slavery.

Each Seder participant has a copy of the Haggadah. "Haggadah" means "to tell" -- and the purpose of the Seder is to TELL the dramatic and exciting events that Pesach recalls. It's a story of freedom and peace.

When we join in reading the Haggadah, we fulfill the Mitzvah, the duty, which the Torah commanded long ago; "You shall tell the Pesach story to your children in the days to come."

haggadah Section: Introduction