On a plate or napkin, place:

  • One Zeroah: Roasted lamb shankbone or chicken wing or beet (symbol of Passover sacrifice)
  • One Beitzah: Roasted, hard-boiled egg (symbol of ancient Temple sacrifice and of spring)
  • Three Covered Matzot (symbol of Israel, Levite and Cohen tribes & the bread of affliction)
  • Karpas: Parsley for saltwater-dipping (symbol of slavery's tears)
  • Maror: Horseradish (symbol of slavery's bitterness)
  • Chazeret: Romaine lettuce (2nd symbol of slavery's bitterness)
  • Charoset: Made of apple, pear, cup of chopped walnuts, half cup sweet red wine, 1/4 tsp cinnamon and nutmeg (symbol of mortar for bricks the slaves made)
  • One Orange (modern symbol of marginalized people) and/or
  • One Red Potato (modern symbol of the Ethiopian Exodus)
  • Optional symbols of your choice or optional contributions from guests


And for the table:

  • Cup of sweet red wine for Elijah and for Miriam
  • Bowl of saltwater for dipping and freshwater for washing
  • Place setting for guests, ready for: gefilte fish, matzoh ball chicken soup, salad, braised beef brisket or roasted chicken or poached salmon, asparagus or green beans, tzimmes or kugel, sweet red wine and other beverages, and desserts
  • Simple decoration e.g. floral arrangement
  • Extra matzoh, maror, charoset, wine etc

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: The Minimalist Haggadah by Jon Kessler