Seder plate ritual

It is a tradition in some Sephardic families to pass the seder plate over everyone’s head while singing (or reciting) the order of the seder. The ritual of passing the seder plate is meant to offer a blessing to our guests – may you only know sweetness and may the bitterness and affliction of oppression “pass over you.”

Everyone: Recite the order of the seder in Hebrew (below).

One volunteer: Pick up the seder plate and bless each person at the table. Move the seder plate around each person’s head in a circular motion, then lightly touch the seder plate to the head before blessing the next person. After everyone has been blessed, someone should bless the volunteer.

1. Kadesh – Sanctification of the gathering

2. Ur’chatz – Washing hands before eating green vegetables

3. Karpas- Eating a piece of vegetable dipped in salt water

4. Yachatz – Breaking the middle matzah

5. Maggid – Telling of the story

6. Rach’tzah – Washing hands before eating matzah

7. Motzi – Blessing over matzah as food

8. Matzah – Blessing over matzah as a special mitzvah

9. Maror – Eating the bitter herbs

10. Korech – Eating a sandwich of haroset & bitter herbs

11.Shulchan orech – Eating the festive meal

12. Tzafun – Eating the afikomen

13. Barech – Grace after meals

14. Hallel – Song and Praise!

15. Nirtzah – Conclusion



haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: After Exodus Haggadah