MATZAH: The matzah reminds us that when our ancestors were finally free to leave Egypt, there was no time to prepare. Our ancestors grabbed whatever dough was made and set out on their journey - letting their dough bake into matzah as they fled.

MAROR: These are the bitter herbs symbolizing the bitter life the Jews led while they were slaves in Egypt.

CHAROSET: This represents the mortar that the slaves use (with bricks) to make the Egyptian buildings.

ZEROA: A Shank bone serves as a symbol of G-d's mighty arm that convinced the Egyptians to free the slaves. It also serves as to represent a sacrifice in the days of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem.

BEITZAH: A roasted hardboiled egg reminds us of the second sacrifice that was offered on Passover eve and the Temple. Because of it's round shape, it also reminds us of the circle of life.

KARPAS: This represents the arrival of spring! Parsley is often used and dipped in salt water.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: The Seder Plate