Holiday candles

Wine or grape juice

Cup for Elijah

Cup for Miriam

Three matzot, covered (and an extra "Matzah of Hope")

Roasted egg for the seder plate, hard-boiled eggs for participants-"Beitzah"

Parsley or celery-"Karpas"

Roasted bone (lamb, chicken, or beet)-"Zeroa"

Horseradish, bitter lettuce, or bitter vegetable for the bitter herb-"Maror"

Romaine or other bitter lettuce "Chazeret"

Charoset (mixture of apples, nuts, wine, and speces; some use dates, nuts, and wine)

Pillows for reclining

Salt water for dipping

Cup, basin, towel for washing

Haggadah for each person

Wine cup for each person

An orange as a symbol for inclusivity

A dish of olives as a symbol of peace

Empty plate to remember the homeless

haggadah Section: Introduction