Set out at least one Seder plate with:
Karpas – celery sticks, potato pieces, cucumber
Marror – grated horseradish
Hazeret – bitter lettuce, Romaine
Haroset – use a different recipe each Seder and for each Seder plate
Zeroah – roasted bone or a roasted beet for vegetarians
Beitzah – hard-boiled egg which is a little browned
Small bowl(s) of saltwater should be conveniently placed near each Seder plate
Set out a plate with a Matzah cover and three matzot – try and get hand-made matzot. Some add a fourth matzah under the matzah cover for oppressed Jews. Don’t forget to put out plates of regular matzah.
Try using a different bottle of Israeli wine for each of the four cups, perhaps beginning with dry wine and concluding with sweet. For children and others make sure to have grape juice and there are Israeli grape juices as well.
Don’t forget to provide a Cup for Elijah – which some fill with wine from each participant
Provide the same Haggadah for all in order to follow conveniently.
Provide an additional Haggadah, each with a different commentary at each place.
Each one to have their own kiddush cup
A pillow for each participant who wishes to really recline
A Haggadah marked with notes, pages from other sources, songs, comments, etc.
Prizes for the various contests and quizzes for the children, especially the Afikoman
Props for various ways to involve the children and the adults throughout
*Think about who will be present and how to involve them meaningfully and respectfully.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Foundation for Family Education, Inc.