Before we start the Seder it's a good idea to take a minute to think about what the Seder means and why we have it. While we sometimes think of the Seder and all of Passover as a ceremony to remind us of an historic event, our sages teach us that that is only part of the story. The sages teach us that the redemption that started over 3000 years ago which the exodus from Egypt is still not complete. Although the Jewish Nation attained physical freedom there is another aspect of freedom that has still not been obtained. Our spiritual freedom, our ability to attain a level of heightened spiritual awareness continues to elude us even to this day. Therefore our sages teach us that each year when the Passover Holiday arrives and we sit down to celebrate the Seder meal we are engaging not only in a commemoration but are also taking part in the continuing redemption of ourselves as individuals and the Jewish Nation as a whole.

haggadah Section: Introduction