According to Rabbi Jacob Ettlinger (1798-1871, Prussia), each cup symbolizes a different stage of life. The first cup represents childhood, getting started. The second cup, as part of Maggid, represents youth and education, the third cup, concluding the meal, is connected to adulthood and providing food for one’s family. The final cup, part of Hallel//praise, represents old age and gratitude. 

Many queer thinkers, including J. Halberstam and Jules Ryan, have powerfully critiqued a straightforward model of “life stages” as heteronormative and in conflict with how queer people actually experience time. 

Do you relate to having distinct life stages?

Do they feel authentic or prescriptive to you?

For the second cup, what is one aspect of your educational experience that felt particularly liberatory and you want to carry with you?

haggadah Section: -- Cup #2 & Dayenu