Searching For the Chametz

Clearing Out the Chametz

In the Zohar, the Rabbis liken leavening in chametz to vanity or pride. Just like the only difference between bread and» matzah is how long you allow them to mix before baking so it goes with pride and the human. If you have too much pride you become greedy self centered even unlikeable you get “puffed up” full of yourself. Without pride, your are simple, passive undemanding, humble. Like Matzah a person without pride is unimpressive. In fact, the word Matzah and Chametz have the same letters in Hebrew just arranged differently מצה - הצמ. Just like flour and water can make both bread and Matzah. So on Passover apart from not owning any chametz, we should take this time to rid ourselves of the pride which stands in the way of our humility and humanity.

Say your Brachot with Kavanah

The story is told of the famous rabbi and the bus driver who arrive in heaven for Judgement at the same moment. The rabbi is asked to step aside to allow the bus driver to go right through the Pearly Gates to a luxurious abode. The rabbi asks the gate-keeper, "how can it be that l, a rabbi of renown, must wait here while that simple bus driver is ushered straight into heaven?" The reply: "Rabbi, whenever you spoke in the synagogue, people would fall asleep; whenever he drove his bus, people would pray!"

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