Schitt's Creek Motzi-Matzah

In Motzi-Matzah, we say two special blessings over the matzah, one for its roll (ha ha, we meant “role” oh G!d we miss bread and could really go for some regular ‘za but now have to deal with matZAh instead) as the bread for our meal, and the second just because it’s matzah and it's so special to be eating it that it gets its own blessing.

You could even interpret this as showing that matzahs and people can be more than one thing. You know, how you might see a family who lost their fortune and they start off really privileged and selfish but then eventually make room for new people and experiences that change their lives for the better. For example. 

haggadah Section: Motzi-Matzah
Source: Esther Kustanowitz