The story of the Haggadah

The Haggadah was written in about 1350 in Spain (either in Zaragoza or Barcelona). It will initially contain 34 pages with thumbnails, and then the fine Haggadah text (totaling 109 pages). 
Apparently, Sephardic Jews took the text after their expulsion from Spain in 1492 to their new home. Traces as wine stains the manuscript contains are numerous.

1894 was purchased and issued by the local museum. It survived there, thanks to the efforts of many people, who were targeted by the occupation by the Nazis, and the bombardment of the museum in 1994 by Serbian artillery, where the Haggadah was hidden until in 1994 and had to be recovered under mortal danger by two employees of the museum from the heavily damaged building. Both were Bosnian Muslims who saved the book.

Today the Sarajevo Hagaddah is in the National Museum in Sarajevo in a special room, symbolizing the multi-ethnic Sarajevo.

Front image: Note a Christian censors in the Haggadah "Revisto per mi gio"

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Source: Hayim Guski