As opposed to the usual kiddush - 'sanctification' - of Shabbat and other holy days, Pesach's 'Kadeish!' means 'Sanctify!' Instead of 'recognize the sanctity of this day, it is 'make this night holy!' Make it special for you.   Allow yourself to believe that tonight will change you forever.  With our belief in the unique transformational power of this night, we can be sure that our efforts will bear fruit.  We can confidently thank Hashem for this unbelievable opportunity, for the good fortune of being a part of this people, for the dynamic celebrations we have been given, for the holy road map of the Seder that can guide us toward true freedom.

With full confidence in the powerful nature of this special day, we can commit to participating in the story, to 'being there'. 

Instead of the usual 'kiddush', we have 'kadeish!' - sanctify!  We have to do the work of making tonight special, different.  We can make tonight a breakthrough night if we believe in it.  Commit to seeking freedom, tonight, with every ounce of your being.

haggadah Section: Kadesh
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