Ruth, as in The Book Of, as in the great-grandmother of King David, was part of an interfaith marriage. Ruth’s Mix welcomes everyone to the Seder table and honors the growing diversity of the Jewish people – those who were born Jewish, those who converted, those who are not Jewish, and those who just came for the singing and wine.

Everyone takes a bit of Ruth’s Mix, a combination of almonds, raisins and chocolate chips. Each of these ingredients is good on its own, but when mixed together they’re even better. 

TOGETHER: May everyone who shares in a Jewish life feel welcome and integrated. We lovingly acknowledge the diversity of our community and are deeply grateful for the love and support you provide by opening your heart to Judaism, no matter how big or small a part it is in your day. 

Your presence at this Jewish experience is valued. It is not taken for granted because not everyone in this broken world will sit at a Shabbat dinner or attend a Passover Seder. We are a very small people and history has made us smaller. As we once again see a rise in hatred and hear fear in the voices of our community, we are grateful for your presence. We pray with all our hearts that all you give to the Jewish people will come back to you and fill your life with joy. Amen.

Add When Reading To A Family Raising Kids:  We offer special thanks to those who are raising their sons and daughters with Jewish identity. Our children mean hope, life and future. With all our hearts, we want to thank you for your love and willingness in giving the ultimate gift to the Jewish people. Amen.

- Adapted From Rabbi Janet Marder

haggadah Section: Commentary / Readings
Source: Rabbi Janet Marder