Ritual  follows four dancers as they rehearse in the studio. Their preparation is prayer-like, full of repetition, meditation, ecstasy, and reflection, reinforcing the sacredness of daily practice. 

Set to poetry by Black and Jewish spoken word artist Aaron Samuels,  Ritual’s  text reflects on his family memories of Passover, an ancient Jewish tradition that celebrates freedom from oppression.  Ritual  examines the tenacity and resilience that motivates us to keep our traditions and honor our histories, no matter our heritage or creed. 

Producer and Director: Stacey Menchel Kussell 
Featured Poet: Aaron Samuels 
Composer: Carlos Metta  
Featured Dancers: 
Navarra Novy-Williams, Doron Perk, Makeda Roney, and Xavier Townsend 
Cinematography: Scott Sinkler 
Editor: Elisa Da Prato 

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Stacey Menchel Kussel