So here's the story ...

When history started

when people began

they would bow down to idols

that just looked like a man.

But then came a moment

a long time ago

when a fellow named Abraham

realized something ... so, soooo

...So amazing that it changed everything ...

one God, one Creator, one Lord, one King

that God cares for all that is found in our sight

every elephant, octopus, human and mite

To Abraham, God made a promise,

a brit so to speak

our people would find shelter

from a life short and bleak

And we Jews, we agreed,

to this God we'd be faithful

We respect all God's laws,

we'd avoid all that's hateful

Well in time Abraham died

but the brit, it lived on

first to Isaac then Jacob

from father to son

Then came Joseph

with all of his dreams and his style

his heroics saved Egypt

from the Red Sea to the Nile

But time went on

the years went fast

and as things happened

the good life passed

There arose in Egypt a Pharaoh new

he was mean and selfish and forgetful too

of Joseph's greatness, he knew not

so against our people he did plot

This Pharaoh, he looked 'round and 'round

and lots of Hebrews he sure found

he devised a nasty and most devious plan

to enslave each Hebrew

every child, woman and man

The slaves endured the work and toil

in the hot sun, they did broil

they had no peace;  they had no choice

they thought that none would hear their voice

Just when it seemed as though all was a loss

that Pharaoh forever would be their cruel boss 

God heard the cry, the wail of the slaves

and God is a caring Creator who saves

And God set about to change Pharaoh's mind

Sending messengers like Moses and Aaron to find ...

…To find out if perchance...

Pharaoh might behave as mentsch

and release all the Hebrews from servitude's clench

But Pharaoh was nasty, he thought it was funny

that a God yet unseen, a God without money

could actually tell him what to do

So Pharaoh laughed, and just wouldn't give

the slaves labored on, no live and let live

Now God has love and God cares too

God certainly looks out for me and you

But God can sometimes get mad

and Pharaoh ... he was worse and bad

God had to act

with plagues, in fact

that would make all of Egypt feel sad.

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning
Source: A Family Pesach Seder in Rhyme