Our story we are set to tell,

some of you may know it well.

Still, glance about, there's lot to see

matzah, charosets, and parsley

There must be questions now to ask

and to our young ones falls that task.

The Four Questions

Mah nish-ta-nah ha-lai-lah ha-zeh mi-kol ha-lei-lot?

She-b'chol ha-lei-lot a-nu och-lin cha-meitz u-ma-tzah.

Ha-lai-lah ha-zeh, ku-lo ma-tzah?

She-b'chol ha-lei-lot a-nu och-lin sh'ar y'ra -kot.

Ha-lai-lah ha-zeh ma-ror?

She-b'chol ha-lei-lot ein anu mat-bi-lin a-fi-lu pa-am, e-hat.

Ha-lai-lah ha-zeh, sh'tei f'a-mim?

She-b'chol ha-lei-lot a-nu och-lin

Bein yosh-vin o'vein m-subin.

Ha-lai-lah na-zeh ku-la-nu m-su-bin?

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions
Source: A Family Pesach Seder in Rhyme