1. Blood coming out of her wherever. Or anything coming out of a nasty woman, it's all disgusting. After all, classy women don't have bodily functions.
  2. A plague of Pepe the Frogs harassing Jews and people of color on the Internet. We know this is the Democrats because Democrats are the real racists!
  3. Lies from crooked Hillary. Thank God for Wikileaks!
  4. Wild animals, hunted down by Donald Jr. and Eric. They're with Cecil and Harambe of blessed memory now.
  5. The white nationalist sickness infecting the Republican elephant, which fortunately didn't kill it.
  6. The ebola virus that Donald Trump kept out of our borders.
  7. Richard Spencer's "Hail Trump."
  8. Little Marco may have tried to dispel with the fiction that illegal immigrants are like a plague of locusts. But in fact, they are exactly like a plague of locusts!
  9. The darkness that ensued when the Trump administration couldn't figure out where the light switches were. Thanks, Obama!
  10. Death of the first major policy initiative, which was entirely the fault of the Democrats.

Rabbi Yose the Galilean, said: How can you assert that the Egyptians were smitten with ten plagues in Egypt, and at the Red Sea they were struck with fifty plagues. That's fuzzy math!

Rabbi Eliezer responded: We have our own set of alternative facts which confirm this.

haggadah Section: -- Ten Plagues