The Seder CEO and other attendees then answer:

We were slaves to Pharoah in Egypt, where we built him the pyramids to store grain. When God brought us out of there with a mighty hand and outstretched arm, we didn't hold onto the plantation mentality. If the Holy One Blessed Be He, had not brought our ancestors out of Egypt, we'd still be slaves to the Pharaohs in Egypt because private property rights are sacrosanct, except of course when it comes to building a wall. Since God knows we're not wise or knowledgeable or familiar with constitutional law, it's required that we tell the story of how we left Egypt.

It is related that Donald Trump was up one night wandering aimlessly around the White House in a bathrobe until morning, when Reince Priebus came in and said, "Master, the time has come for watching Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends."

Donald Trump once said "I am a seventy year old man, and all the days of my life I live in fear of having to go before the Obama death panels." Steve Bannon explains that "all the days of my life" refers to the fact that the death panel brigades may even fly to your house in their black helicopters and break down your door at night. The Republican House leadership, however, say this refers to the fact that the Democrat party sheep saw Obama's election as the beginning of the times of the Messiah. Sad!

Blessed be the Omnipotent Invisible hand of the free market.

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions