Traditional Jews sing "Adir Hu," recounting the greatness of God and hoping that the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt soon. Republican Jews do something just a little bit different.

Trump has mighty hands, Trump has mighty hands,

May he soon Build The Wall,
Speedily, speedily and in our days, soon.
Donald, build, Donald build,
Build the wall with Mexico!

He is distinguished, He is great, He is exalted

He is glorious, He is faithful, He is faultless, He is righteous

He is pure, He is unique, He is powerful
He is wise, He is king, He is awesome
He is sublime, He is all-powerful, He is redeemer, He is all-righteous

He is holy, He is compassionate, He is almighty, He is omnipotent.

haggadah Section: Songs
Source: Variant of Wikipedia's English translation of Adir Hu