A Realization

By Judy Feder

While working on this Haggadah, I have come to realize that the Passover seder is much like a rock concert or a fundraising event or a beauty contest. You come for the “main event” – in this case, the story and the meal – but you must wait for an endless procession of opening acts or runners-up. For example, we read that “Maggid” means “telling the story”. But, before we can tell the story, we first have to ask Four Questions and answer them, and then answer them. And then we have to deal with the Four Children – known in more chauvinistic times as the Four Sons – and discuss the symbolism.

I guess that if there was one thing the Jews learned from wandering around in the desert for 40 years, it was to be patient. So, I guess we can be patient for another 40 minutes or so before eating.

But, have hope! The Passover Story is coming much sooner than 40 minutes from now, and it is well worth the wait. Drew gave it five stars.

And, who knows? Maybe your host and seder leader next year will choose the Two-Minute Seder.

haggadah Section: Maggid - Beginning
Source: Judy Feder