when I am assaulted or harassed, I am asked what I am wearing or if I have been drinking.
when I am belittled to only be as important as the size of

my breasts.
when I am degraded for having multiple partners but a boy

is celebrated for “getting around.”
that I can’t wear form tting clothing without it becoming

indicative of my character.
teaching our daughters to avoid being raped, instead of

teaching our sons not to rape.

watching my boyfriend laugh at sexually violent jokes.
when survivors and victims are told not to report rape

because they shouldn't "ruin their man's life".
being expected to be the "perfect Jewish girl" and not speak

unless spoken to.
"locker room talk" that's permitted and perpetuated by

elected officials.
when I am attacked because I "asked for it" with the

clothes I was wearing.
when men assume if I won't hook up with them I'm a "bitch" 

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Revenge of Dinah: A Feminist Seder on Rape Culture in the Jewish Community