Raise One Voice

by Batya Diamond

The Torah tells the story of how when we were slaves

God sent a prophet to face the Pharaoh, our ancestors were saved

Why did God need Moses?  Perhaps to show

That people have the power and we’re all part of the whole


Raise one voice, the truth that is your own

Raise one voice, you are not alone

For from the one comes many

And from the many -- one

For justice to be done

Raise one voice

At times we’ve been the pharaoh        

And other times the slave

Now  our task is to remember

That in God’s image we're all made

So where we see oppression

To stand up and speak out

When power's not merciful and just … just 


Defending human dignity’s divine

We soar when we help every soul to shine 


haggadah Section: -- Exodus Story