By starting the seder with a set of questions, we are creating a lens through which to think about the Passover theme of liberation.  This Seder focuses on our personal journeys from slavery to liberation, and so we begin with four questions to consider as we travel on our paths toward freedom. These four questions do not have simple or universal answers, as we recognize that the act of questioning is itself a sign of freedom and a key step in the process of liberating ourselves from our own oppressions.

Think of a situation that feels constricting, that feels like a "narrow place" in your life and consider the following:

1. How do I feel limited by external forces?

2. What are my rights?

3. How can I take a stand for myself?

4. In what ways am I co-creating a community that's liberatory?

These questions are meant to be pondered tonight and throughout the year ahead. Take a moment to sit quietly with these questions. After reflecting, feel free to share your thoughts with the group. 

haggadah Section: -- Four Questions
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