Questions are not only welcome during the course of the evening but are vital to

tonight’s journey. Our obligation at this seder involves traveling from slavery to

freedom, prodding ourselves from apathy to action, encouraging thetransformation

of silence into speech, and providing a space where all different levels of belief and

tradition can co-exist safely. Because leaving Mitzrayim--the narrow places, the

places that oppress us—is a personal as well as a communal passage, your

participation and thoughts are welcome and encouraged. 

We remember that questioning itself is a sign of freedom. The simplest question

can have many answers, sometimes complex or contradictory ones, just as life

itself is fraught with complexity and contradictions. To see everything as good or

bad, matzah or maror, Jewish or Muslim, Jewish or “Gentile”, is to be enslaved to

simplicity. Sometimes, a question has no answer. Certainly, we must listen to the

question, before answering.

haggadah Section: Introduction