This is a compilation of ideas to help the seder be fun and engaging for the entire family.   

Fun ideas for preparing the Passover table:

1. Include a Tzedakka box on the table. Have everyone put money in the tzedakah box before eating.

2. Yemenite Jews line the edge of the table all around with leaves of Romaine lettuce. The lettuce is then used for Maror. 

3. Use maps of Egypt, Israel, and the Sinai desert as place mats. 

4. Put markers and crayons out on the table, and make them all the same color. Encourage people to draw or jot down questions, ideas, and thoughts in the Hagaddahs. Write the year on the inside cover of the Hagaddah in the color pen that was used that year. In later years you will be able to enjoy looking back and seeing what people thought or doodled in years past.

5. Decorate the table with frog bath-toys.

6. Put sand on the table. This reminds us of both Egypt and the desert.

7. Let the children sit near the leader instead of far away--it will keep them more engaged.

8. Get out your entire seder plate collection, and let everyone have their very own at the table!

9. Some people, especially vegetarians, use a roasted beet (because it “bleeds”) instead of a shankbone.

10. For something totally different, sit on the floor in a circle with pillows, more like the Roman symposiums after which the seder was originally modeled. 

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Rabbi Zoë Klein, Temple Isaiah