We are about to retell a story we have told and heard many times before.  Yet we look forward to the Sedeer ritual with anticipation and delight whether we are eight years old or eighty eight.

The Torah says: 

"Zachor at hayom hazeh asher y'tzahtem meemitzrayim mebate avadim key b'shosek yad hotzee Adonai atchem meezeh.     

"Remember the day on which you went forth from Egypt, from the house of bondage, and how the Eternal freed you with a mighty hand."

In fulfilling this commandment we truly feel that we stand in the place of our ancestors, amazed - but still wary- of a God of Deliverance, and willing to endure severe hardship for a taste of freedom.

And that is why, among all the festivals, we seek the companionship of our parents and children, our brothers and sisters -- all who are close and dear to us -- on this holiday of Passover.  It is also why we invite others to share our table tonight.  We are linked by blood and history in the experience of the Jewish people and the universal quest for freedom.

We follow a Seder, literally an "order" for presenting the Haggadah, which means "that which is said".  And while we sometimes modify the words, we nevere change the message.

haggadah Section: Introduction
Source: Lawrence Bloom