Pre-Seder Checklist


The Seder Table includes a number of objects, prescribed by the tradition, which symbolize the spirit of the holiday. The table, in general, should be festive, including a floral center-piece and lighted candles.

A large platter is placed in front of the one conducting the Seder. This can be an ordinary platter, or a special Seder Plate, which can be purchased. Upon the plate are placed the following objects:

THREE MATZOS, placed in the three separate sections of a Matzoh Cover, a specially designed cover, or in the folds of a large napkin or two.



BITTER-HERBS, cut into small pieces, or GROUND HORSE-RADISH.

CHAROSES, a mixture of nuts, apple and cinnamon, finely chopped and mixed with a little wine.

PARSLEY, LETTUCE OR WATERCRESS, cut into small pieces.

In addition to the above items placed on the Seder Plate, the following are placed on the table for the participants:

One or more dishes of SALT WATER, depending on the number of participants, in order that it may be easily accessible to all.

A WINE GOBLET in front of each place. The WINE DECANTER is placed close to the center of the table.

A large goblet, filled with wine, at the center of the table. This is the CUP OF ELIJAH.

A pillow or cushion is placed on the left arm of the chair used by the Leader, or, on another chair, close to it.

If desired, for convenience extra dishes of BITTER-HERBS and CHAROSES can be placed on the table, making these items more accessible.

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