There is a story,
One that is written,
It includes four different children,
Christopher Robin

There is the wise,
Asks about the laws of the afikomen,
So if he tries, he might win the prize,
His name,

There is the wicked,
Who wants to know what’s the service’s importance,
He wouldn’t have been freed,
Because he would’ve wanted lead,
The heffalump

Next is the simple,
Who wonders what the Seder service is,
And learns how God brought them out of Egypt,
This is Eeyore

Lastly there’s the one who’s confused on how to ask,
So the parent at their desk,
Starts from the beginning,
What God did for us in Egypt,
And how God was willing,
He goes by the name Piglet

That is a story,
 one that is writtten,
It includes four children,
All that are different


haggadah Section: -- Four Children