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Clip Featured in Jewish Emergent Network'sDIY Seder with the Jewish Emergent Network
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DIY Seder with the Jewish Emergent Network
Jewish Emergent Network
Table of contents
  • Welcome to the Jewish Emergent Network's DIY Seder - Get Started Here (with Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum/Kavana)
    • Kadesh
  • DIY Seder - Kadesh (Blessing Over The Wine, with Rabbi Deena Cowans/Mishkan Chicago)
    • Urchatz
  • DIY Seder - Urchatz (First Handwashing, with Rabbi David Ingber/Romemu)
    • Karpas
  • DIY Seder - Karpas (Dipping the Vegetable, with Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann/Mishkan Chicago)
    • Yachatz
  • DIY Seder - Yachatz (Breaking of the Middle Matzah and Hiding the Afikomen, with Lab/Shul)
    • Maggid - Beginning
  • DIY Seder - Maggid (The Exodus Story, with Rabbi David Kasher/IKAR)
  • DIY Seder - Ha Lachma Anya (The Bread of Affliction) - Song
    • Rachtzah
  • DIY Seder - Rachtzah (2nd Handwashing, with Rabbi David Ingber/Romemu)
    • Motzi-Matzah
  • DIY Seder - Motzi (Blessing Over the Matzah, with Rabbi Mira Rivera/Romemu)
  • DIY Seder - Matzah (with Rabbi Shira Stutman/Sixth & I)
    • Maror
  • DIY Seder - Maror (Bitter Herbs, with Rabbi Sharon Brous/IKAR)
    • Koreich
  • DIY Seder - Korech (The Hillel Sandwich, with Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum, Kavana)
    • Shulchan Oreich
  • DIY Seder - Shulchan Orech (The Festive Meal, with Rabbi Mira Rivera/Romemu)
    • Tzafun
  • DIY Seder - Tzafun (Finding of the Afikomen, with Lab/Shul)
    • Bareich
  • DIY Seder - Barech (Blessing After the Meal, with Rabbi Aaron Potek/Sixth & I)
    • Hallel
  • Coming Soon from The Kitchen...Check Back!
    • Nirtzah
  • Coming Soon from The Kitchen...check back!
    • Commentary / Readings
  • Pick-and-Choose Powerpoint Resource
    • Songs
  • DIY Seder - Min Hametzar (From the Narrow Place) - Song
  • DIY Seder - Ilu Finu (Overflowing Gratitude) - Song
  • DIY Seder - Run My Love - Song (Audio Only)
  • DIY Seder - Pharaoh's Daughter - Song (Audio Only)
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